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  TT&C Slots is a small, family owned and operated business based out of Kailua on the island of Oahu. 

     The business started as a hobby repairing and restoring pachislo machines.  After a while we had started to build up quite a collection of machines.  It wasn't long before family and friends started asking us to bring a few machines to their poker night and casino night parties.  Then friends started asking for the machines at their birthday and graduation parties.  The machines were always a hit regardless of the type of party.  There was usually a line of people waiting for their chance to play.  Other people began asking where we had rented the machines from.  We recognized that there was a demand for the machines that was not being met by any of the rental companies on the island.  With the encouragement of family and friends we decided to start making the machines available for rent.

     We decided that we would only rent the machines as a business if we could keep the prices reasonable.  This meant that we had to keep our overhead low as well.   We don't have fancy show rooms and nice shiny delivery trucks.  We may have all those things some day but for now we would rather concentrate on providing nice slot machines at prices that wont break the budget for your party.  Its very important to us that at the end of your party you are happy with your decision to rent slots from TT&C.   This doesn't just mean that your guest enjoyed our machines,  but you, as the host know that you got a great value for your investment.


     We believe that the best advertising we can get is the recommendation from our customers.   Spending a couple thousand dollars on advertising isn't nearly as valuable as one of our customers telling a couple of their friends that they were happy with the service they received from us.  If you have hosted a party or event using our services or you were a guest at one of those parties we would like to hear what you think.  If you have about 5 extra minutes please add a testimonial and let everyone know your opinion.

     Let us help bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your next party!  We are looking forward to helping you throw a party that your guest will remember for a very long time!

     Thanks for taking the time to look our website.  I hope we can serve you soon!

     Tom Hunter, TT&C Slots.

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