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     TT&C Slots also offers repair and refinishing services for pachislo machines.


We are very proud of our refurbishing services. 

Machine refurbishing includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete disassembly (including cabinet)
  • Thorough cleaning of all components
  • Rebuild of the reel assemblies
    • Clean and adjust optical sensors
    • replace bad reel lights *
    • Repair damaged wiring if needed
    • Inspect all parts / replace if needed *
  • Rebuild token hopper
  • Clean / Inspect / Adjust token mechanism
  • Remove small scratches in plexiglass **
  • Refinish cabinet and machine (if requested



     These photos show the refurbishing of a machine a customer picked up at a yard sale for $20.00.  It did not work and was in very poor shape cosmetically when he got it.  The machine had been dropped, scratched, and neglected.

     The photo on the left is what the machine looks like now!  Everything works again and the machine looks great!

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Site Last Updated 1 January 2019