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Below are some ideas for using our machines for your parties or events.  These are ideas that have worked well for our customers in the past. 

OPEN PLAY - All guest are receive an unlimited amount of tokens and can play the machines as much as they want.  This type of play normally keeps all of the machines busy the entire night.  Your guest get their tokens from our attendant (normally about 100 at a time).  When they run out of tokens they simply come back to the attendant and get some more

PRIZE TOKEN PLAY - This is by far the most popular choice of play.  The host lets our attendant know how many prizes they have and we place that many special colored tokens in the machines.  Your guest are given a ticket or poker chip as they arrive. Guest exchange the tickets or chips for tokens.  While playing the machines, if your guest win one of the special tokens they exchange it for a prize.  We can put several different colored tokens in the machines for prizes of different values.

RAFFLE TICKET PLAY - This is similar to the Prize Token Play except your guest are given raffle tickets if the win special tokens.  Raffles tickets are drawn to award prizes at the end of your event.  This type of play allows for the most winners since you can give away more raffle tickets than you have prizes.

PRIZE PLAY - Your guest are given one or two tickets (we provide) when they arrive at your event.  They take the tickets tour our attendant and exchange them for tokens (normally 100 per ticket).  This ensures all you guest start with the same amount of tokens.  At the end of the party the guest who have won the most tokens receive prizes.   We can also put a few special colored tokens in the machines.  If your guest win one of the special tokens they get a prize.

MIXED PLAY - Your guest are given one or two tickets as they arrive.  They exchange the tickets for tokens from our attendant.  After a set amount of time (normally two to three hours depending on the length of your party) prizes are awarded to the guest who have the most tokens.  After this the machines are opened up for open play.  This allows the guest who lost all of their tokens a chance to play the machines some more.

TOURNAMENT PLAY.  Each player is given a score card (we provide)  Play is broken down into two or more rounds of play depending on the number of players and the amount of time available.  Each round is approximately 10 minutes.  Players have their scorecards updated by our attendant after each round.  At the end of all rounds prizes are awarded to the players with the most points.  The time to complete each round depends on the number of guest and the number of machines.  For example, if you have 50 guest and you have rented 10 machines, a round will take a little more than an hour.

The above are just ideas.  It is totally up to you how you want your guest to play the machines.  All we ask is that your guest have a GREAT TIME!

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