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     One of our main goals at TT&C Slots is to provide our machines and services at a price that will not break your budget.  We have hosted many parties and understand just how fast cost add up.

     Below are our standard prices for our machines and stands.  Be sure to check out our special offers page since we normally have at least one special going on.  These specials can typically save you quite a bit.

     Because of the amount of work it takes to set up and tear down the machines, we do have a $300.00 minimum for most events. All prices are for the duration of your party up to six hours.

     We look forward to serving you soon!


- Basic Machine - These are basic three reel machines without additional features such as video screens or extra reels.  Price includes delivery, setup, tokens and attendant.



- Premium Machine - These machines have the standard three reels and additional features such as extra reels and/or video screens to enhance play.  Price includes delivery, setup, tokens and attendant.



- Premium Slot Machine Stand- Custom stands with back-lit glass removed from Las Vegas slot machines.  These stands add to the “Vegas atmosphere” of your party. Each stand holds one machine.  Price includes delivery, and setup..



- Basic Slot Machine Stand- Basic Stand to hold one or two machines.

Note:  You are not required to rent stands from us.  If you plan on using your own tables they must be capable of handling the weight of the machines (each machine weighs about 80-100 lbs).  A six foot table will hold two machines nicely and an eight foot table will hold three.


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Site Last Updated 1 January 2019